Saturday, October 13, 2012

Funny Stuff: What the Pets Think when the Fiancee Moves In

It's been three fun days now since Minxi arrived.  I thought it was high time we heard from Hugo the dog and Small Tiger the cat.  Having my fiancee arrive is having a big impact on their lives too.  I kept them posted while she was in the air, "She's at the Hong Kong Airport."  "She's in Dallas." but somehow, they didn't seem to be prepared.  Here's their thoughts when I questioned them today.

funny cat picture
Small Tiger Gives Her Opinion

So What Were Your First Impressions of My New Chinese Fiancee?

Hugo:  Well, she's tall.  Uhh, and she has a lot of smells.  Her stuff has a lot of smells too.  I'm sure we'll be BFF.  I wagged a lot to show I care. 

Small Tiger:  No comment.

Have Their Been Challenges?

Hugo:  Well, she's up a lot at night and, you know, doesn't know where I'm lying.  There have been some minor paw stopping incidents but hey, I'm still wagging.

Small Tiger:  No Comment

What's Been the Best Part of Having Minxi in The House?

Hugo:  So much food!  She eats all kinds of really interesting stuff.  Seriously dude, sometimes I wondered how you stayed alive on the stuff you ate.  A Mountain Dew and an Oatmeal Cream Pie are not breakfast.  If you wouldn't roll in it, don't eat it, I always say.  Two big wags!

Small Tiger:  No Comment

What's Been the Worst Part so Far?

Hugo:  What's with all the bathing?  I was in the tub for 45 minutes today.  I'm a dog.  Dog smell is what I do.  And what was with that new shampoo?  That stuff smells like butterfly ass.

Small Tiger:  The 45 minute dog bath was pretty funny.  Can we do that again tomorrow?  Wait, no comment.

So there you have it.  We went from a dog smelling, filthy family of three.  To a butterfly ass smelling family of four and the cat almost cared!

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