Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Traditional Chinese Cooking with Minxi: How to Cook Yangshou Beer Fish

I'm still looking for a picture of this so watch this picture for a minute while I give you the instructions for how to cook traditional Yuangshou Beer fish:

how to cook chinese beer fish
Lunch in Kowloon.  Not Beer Fish

Yangshou, which is about an hour outside of Guilin, is famous for a dish called Beer Fish.

Minxi has been kind enough to share the recipe so you can learn how to cook it yourself:

Step One:  Kill a carp.  I worry about why her recipes always start, "kill the animal."  Are there some recipes where you eat the animal...unkilled?  "How to cook live duck,"  maybe?

2.  Clean the fish but do not scale it.   Crust it in ginger and salt.

3.  Grill the fish lightly in oil.  Turn frequently.

4.  Once the fish is golden brown, add green onions, ginger, celery, tomato, shredded abalone sauce, oyster sauce, rice wine, one bottle of beer.  Cover and simmer for 5 to 8 minutes.  Turn the fish then simmer again for 5 more minutes.

There you go, how to cook world famous, Yuangshou beer fish from the Guilin gourmet to you.  

Have a question about traditional Chinese Cooking?  Drop us a line, Minxi knows how to cook a lot more than just beer fish!  Yummy!

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