Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Traditional Chinese Cooking with Minxi: How to Cook Chicken Foot Soup

I've had a request for the Chicken foot soup recipe.  Being somewhat terrified of chicken feet, I don't know the recipe.  Fortunately, it's a traditional Chinese food so Minxi knows how to cook Asia's best.  So here you go.  Chicken foot soup a la Xindu China:

Chicken Foot Soup

Chicken Foot Soup Recipe

First,                   Kill a chicken.  (her words)  Remove the feet and remove the claws from the feet.  Clean foot thoroughly.

Second,             Add chicken feet, and ginger to cold rice water (water that has been run through cooked rice).  Bring to a boil.  Once boiling.  Remove from heat and let cool.  Reboil.

Third,              Add chicken feet to pork stock, add peanuts, pork and or vegetables and season to taste.  Cook at full boil about 20  minutes then simmer 40 minutes to an hour..  Serve as soup with a meal or serve cold later.

There you are, how to cook, Chicken foot soup.  Have a questions about a traditional Chinese recipe?  Drop us a line.  Minxi is a great cook and would love to share her menu.

Here's how to cook some yummy beer fish a la Yangshou.

Update:  4/10/2012:  I found a yummy Jamaican Chicken foot stew recipe here.  It's different than Minxi's.  Try them both and tell me what you think. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Awesome recipe :) Does she skin the feet first? That was the hardest part we thought. :)

Joel Stottlemire said...

Glad to stop by. I really liked your spot. No, Minxi does not skin the feet. She declaws them and soaks them to soften the scales but they are still there when she cooks them. She ate some chicken foot soup in Macau that looked like it still had the scales as well. Good luck. Thanks for stopping by!