Saturday, January 26, 2013

Looking for News from Hong Kong?

Turns out that DISH network can help you.  "Dish Cantonese" runs Hong Kong's local new in Cantonese.

It also appears that they have other major programming.  Be careful though.  This is Cantonese not Mandarin.  If you're thinking about getting a gift for you sweety, be sure she speaks Cantonese.  It's the language of Southern China.  Details, details, details.

Another good source for news in Hong Kong comes from "The Standard" an online newspaper covering all things Hong Kong.  The Standard is a lot more useful for me since it comes in English.  It's always interesting to me how different the world news looks when reported from the other side of the world.

Good luck and enjoy the news!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Speaking of Love

I found an interesting website this morning.  Jocelyn Eikenburg's Speaking of China.

Eikenburg, an Ohio native, lives and writes from China on the subject of love and romance China style.  Her husband is a Chinese national and she gives a lot of insight into the world of romance among the Chinese.  I think it would be worthwhile for anyone considering marrying a Chinese person to Stop by for a read through.
Marriage to Chinese Men Author
Author Jocelyn Eikenberg

She talks frankly about topics ranging from, how and why Chinese people choose to date to the only really frank discussion about sex as it relates to Chinese men and women that I've found online.

It certainly would have helped me be more ready for the challenges and benefits of life with my Chinese wife.