Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Traditional Chinese Cooking with Minxi: How to Make Fried Eggs with Tomatoes

Today Minxi sent me this picture of Fried Eggs with Tomatoes a very common Chinese dish:

Chinese fried Eggs with Tomatoes

This is what she had for dinner last night!  It's looks so yummy!  I am very jealous.  Fortunately, the picture came with a recipe.  Here, only light lightly edited, is her recipe for traditional Chinese Eggs with Tomatoes.  Enjoy!


2 tomato, 3 eggs, Oil 25 grams,10 grams of sugar,3 grams of salt, spices


1.   Clean tomatoes, cut, cut into slices

2 .  Put the eggs into the bowl, add salt, stir with chopsticks

3.  Put oil into the wok, pour the egg, fry into discrete pieces (I'm not sure what "discrete piece" of egg is exactly), then take out

4.  Put more oil into the pot, heat oil, add tomato and stir over small fire, add the cooked eggs, add a

little sugar, salt, and spice.  Cover the pot, stew 2minutes.

This meal serves two or one if you are very hungry.  

There you go.  Now go enjoy some Chinese fried eggs with tomato.

Have a question about how to cook traditional Chinese food?  Drop us a line.  We'd love to serve you up a handy recipe!


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