Thursday, October 18, 2012

Who Has the Best Airline Food?

During her travels from Hong Kong to the USA, Minxi had meals on both JAL and American Airlines.  The JAL meal came shortly after takeoff from The airport in Hong Kong, the AA dinner was far out over the Pacific.  When I asked her who had served the best food, she answered that she thought that both were good but that the Japan Airlines meal was Asian and so better for her.

Hong Kong Airport, the Long Awaited Flight
Through the miracle of digital photography, we can now see for ourselves.  First the JAL flight:

In Flight Meal on Japan Airlines
In Flight Meal on Japan Airlines
So what we've got here are Japanese Noodles (Maybe Soba,) on the right is a small salad dish with pasta and a dried meat (either pork or salmon,) a close up of the top left reveals, 

JAL inflight Meal picture
Closeup of JAL in flight Meal
a salad and Haagen Dazs!!!!  Extra points for the Haagen Dazs.   The meal finished with some kind of a pudding, tea and juice.   Wow!  Pretty big meal.   

So here's how she did over the Pacific on American Airlines:

American Airlines Food
American Airlines In Flight Meal
Impressive.  What have we here.  Chicken Alfredo with broccoli, salad with rice pilaf, brownie (very important,) a roll, and what's this on the side?  Lobster tail and an eggroll?  Woof!  and to think I was in the airport eating a $7.00 vending machine hamburger while I waited.

But which was better?  In the end I go with JAL,  partly because there's clearly more there but mostly because there's Haagen Dazs.  A brownie?  really AA?  Sorry, you got out flown on this one. 

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