Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Best Food in Hong Kong

Some of the very best food I ever ate in my life came from the shops in Hong Kong.  We didn't get pictures of all the food but here's some highlights.

Food from Hong Kong Island
Day 1 Hong Kong Island

Minxi had this great nose for local restaurants.  On our first morning, she nosed out this little place on Hong Kong Island, lower levels.  It was about my least favorite meal of the trip.  It's somewhere between Chinese carryout and a greasy spoon. That plate on the top right is just raman noodles with a little meat.

noodles with beef
Does this look like Raman Noodles to you?

Things were much better by the time we got back to Hong Kong on day 5.  This little shop is one block West of Nathan Avenue about three blocks South of Kowloon Park.

pork with lettuce and noodles
Pork with Lettuce Soup

Jellied Rice with Sesame, Chinese food
Jellied rice with Sesame
Then there was the day trip to Macau.  We just ate fast food from a little hole in the wall but it was pretty yummy.  Also, it was here that I first met Chicken foot Soup.  Minxi was very excited.

Macau fast food, Chicken
Chicken with Saffron Rice
food from Macau, chicken
Chicken with White Rice
And of course, my first Chicken Foot Soup:

Chinese Chicken Foot Soup
Chinese Chicken Foot Soup, Macau
And last but not least, Minxi and my's very favorite restaurant in Hong Kong:   Shek Kee Won Tun Noodle  5B Yi CHEONG St., Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.  This is another local place serving Southern Chinese Cooking.  It was so good that Minxi and I had to go back three times.   It's easy to find too.  Standing with your back to the big sign at the South Entrance to Kowloon Park, you can see Shek Kee Won Tun just across the street and off to your left.  Expect to pay about 30 - 50 HKD for a meal.

The Best Chinese Food in Hong Kong
The Best food in Hong Kong

This is wonton soup, seafood dumplings, and a Coke.  Absolutely awesome!  Word of warning about the hot sauce in generally in Chinese restaurants.  If it looks like liquid fire in your soup, it is liquid fire in your soup.

Enjoy all the great food in Hong Kong but be sure to stop by  Shek Kee Won Tun Noodle.  It's the best.


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