Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hong Kong Zoological Park Chatter

The Zoological Park on Hong Kong Island is a pleasant walk through about a dozen cages spread around a light forest with as many flowers as trees.  As in all zoos, the animals seemed incredibly bored when we were there.   Minxi and I, as thousands of other zoo goers from across time, made up little conversations for them.   Also, as always, they were speaking with funny accents.

Hong Kong zoological park
"It's not either a diaper.  It's a loin cloth, damn ye.  Have ye never seen  Tarzan?"

Hong Kong zoological park
"'It's a Trap' I said, 'but did you listen to me?  Nooooo."
Hong Kong zoological park
Must Not Poop on Tail.  Must Not Poop on Tail."
This isn't an animal exactly we we found this...very macho tree in the 
Hong Kong Zoological Park.  Not the kind of tree you'd laugh at in the shower.

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