Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ernie Says What?

So Minxi and I were climbing through the mall on the way to the Peak on Hong Kong Island when she stopped to laugh at this sign:

shopping at The Peak, Hong Kong Island
Mysterious Sign

"What does it say?"  I asked.

"Oh, it's very bad."

"Yeah?  What does it say?"

She blushed a little.  "I can't say it."

Now I was curious.   Back in the U.S.A. Ernie was good for positive messages like, you can sleep in the same room as another man as long as you're both very tidy and carry your own condiments. "You can't say it at all or you don't know the English?"

"I don't know the English?"  She was still laughing obviously embarrassed.

"What word is it like?"

"It says, 'no pfuuuu pfuuuu.'  It's like if you say pfuuuuu  pfuuuuuu too loudly."


"You know, pfuuuuu pfuuuuu."

Just then Cookie Monster explained it all to me:

shopping at the peak, hong kong island
Cookie Monster Explains it all for you
Oh, that no pfuuuuu pfuuuuu!  Some things just don't translate.

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