Sunday, May 20, 2012

More Fun with The Google Translator

Minxi and I have been talking about marriage dates.  We think she may be here by November or December, so she consulted a local horoscope for good dates.  She copied the whole thing over to me and I fed it to Google's translator.  Hmmm.

Here's what Google thinks about marriage dates in November and December.  Watch out from Red Rat Evil North!  Oh no!  Here comes Red Pig!   It sounds like a barn yard super heroes adventure.

[b] married in November 2012an auspicious date:
[/ b] Lunar ADNovember 5, 2012 September (large) on Monday, 22 red rat evil north ofthe (six decades)
Lunar SeptemberADNovember 9, 2012 (large) on Friday26 red dragon (Boshin) evilNorth
Lunar New Year November 11, 2012 September 28 (large) on Sunday, rushed Ma(Gengwu,) evil South
Lunar New Year November 29, 2012 October 16 (small) Thursday rushed mouse(Lunar) evil North

[b] married in December 2012an auspicious date[/ b]
Lunar New Year December 5, 2012 October (small) on Wednesday, 22 red Ma (Jiawu,)evil South
Lunar New Year, the Year December 9, 2012 October 26 (small) on Sunday, red dog (Eu) evil South
Lunar New Year December 10, 2012 October (small) on Monday, 27 red pig (Yi Hai) evilEast
Lunar New Year December 12, 2012 October 29 (small) on Wednesday, the red cow(Boxer) evil West
Lunar New Year December 30, 2012 November (large) Sunday, 18 red sheep (Kang Xi)evil East
Lunar New Year December 31, 2012 November 19 (large) on Monday, red monkeys(Gengshen), evil North

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