Tuesday, April 24, 2012

K1-Visa Update

We got our I-129 F receipt by email today.   For those of you just joining the story, Minxi and I are seeking a K-1 Visa for her to enter the US so we can marry.  This process can take a long time.  We got stopped short right off the bat when our packet was returned to us because I had sent $10 more than the processing fee.  On April, 16 we resent the packet.  This morning April, 24 I got an email from the USCIS letting me know that the Dallas facility received our packet and forwarded it on to California.

I got this email notification because I sent an additional form requesting early notification.  Normally, the first notice I would have gotten from the government is the I-797 notice of receipt which I should receive in about a week.  The advantage to having gotten our notice early is that we now have our official receipt number.  With this number we can log on and see where our 129-f petition is.

For reasons both mysterious and arcane, the processing times vary widely from petitioner to petitioner.  The earliest date that we might reasonably think Minxi could get permission to enter the country is Mid-November.

Hang on baby, we're getting there!

I-129F petition for K-1 Visa
Love on the beaches of Hong Kong

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