Monday, April 23, 2012

Chiung Yao The Secret of Romance

I have mentioned before the role of romance in Chinese Culture   Chiung Yao it turns out is the heart of Chinese affair of the heart.  Born in mainland China, Chiung Tao grew up in Taiwan and is the author of more than 50 romance novels many of which have been converted into movies.

Author Chiung Yao
Mixni is a self-confessed Chiungyao fan and describes her stories this way:  "First a lady wants to meet a man.  This man is very tall and hansom and has long legs.  They fall in love but there is some problem.  They cannot be together but they still love each other so soon they are married.  Still there is another problem and they cannot be together but their love is so strong they can beat any problem and then they are together forever."

That's more or less a quote.   In the West Chiungyao is best know for "Princess Pearl" which was released in English and a mini-series.  

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