Thursday, April 26, 2012

I-129f Petition for K-1 Visa Update

Just a quick update.  W got our I-797C, Notice of action from The Department of Homeland Security.   This is just the receipt that says that they have received our I-129F petition and are now processing it.  I think this means that they are checking to make sure Minxi is not secretly trying to undermine the government.

I 129f, K-1 Visa
I-129 f petitionee
Ummm...nope.  Just a cute chick from China who happened to fall in love with a Kansas honky.

This came just a day after we received an email letting us know that we had been assigned a case number.

The K-1 Visa will allow Minxi to enter the United States so that we can marry.  This will start a whole new round of immigration paperwork but lets just stay focused on the here and now.

For those of you keeping track of the dates:

We sent the petition to the lock box in Dallas, Texas on April 16.  They show a received date of April 19 a notice date of Apri, 23, and I received the form back in Kansas today, April, 25.

The online filing info. shows that a 129f petition filed in April is likely to result in a K-1 Visa being issued in November.  Cross your fingers!

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