Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Pink Dolphin Story

I just found out that there's a new book out about the Pink Dolphins in Hong Kong.  It's called "The Story of Hope"  and bills itself as a true story about a baby dolphin in the waters around Hong Kong.  It was published by Hong Kong Dolphin Watch in conjunction with Warrior Publications.  Learn more at the DolphinWatch home page here.

I can't speak for the book, having never read it but the long, sometimes difficult story of the Chinese dolphins and their relationship with the people of South East Asia is one of people trying very hard to do right by the natural world.   If you want to get a look at these fascinating creatures, and are a little brave, give the open boats sailing daily out of Tai O a try.

I do hope, as in "The Story of Hope" that the South Asian dolphins can continue to live and thrive.  They are pretty amazing animals.

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