Friday, August 3, 2012

Funny Stuff: The Mystery of American Slang

As Minxi's English has gotten better, life has gotten funnier.  She's gotten more and more interested in American slang.  She really wants to fit in when she gets here.  Some of these are easy like, cool, and awesome.  Others are more of a challenge.   She'll ask Becca or I to teach her some slang one night and then try it out on us later.  The result can be interesting and humerous.  Here are some of my favorite mis-managed slangs:

Me:  What's happenings
Minxi:  What's your happen

Me:  That's hip
Minxi:  That's got hips

Me:  That's blows my mind
Minxi:  Your mind blows

Just the fact that she's doing well enough to be tackling slang says a lot about where her English is.  Still it can be pretty funny.  We have friends over to Skype with Minxi about once a week.  Sometimes we're all just cracking up by the end.

Me:  Holy cow
Minxi:  What?
Me:  Holy cow.  It means like sacred cow or religious cow.
Minxi:  Why is the cow holy?
Me: ...Uhhhh.  I don't know.

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