Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Funny Stuff: How to Shop in Small Town China

Most of the shopping done in small towns in China happens in markets like this.  This is the source of great humor.

Small Market in China
Shopping Market in Southern China
To me, used to shopping in the US where everything has a price tag on it and either you pay it or you don't, this place was very mysterious.  There are no prices on anything.  You have to haggle.  Haggling seems like a great pain to me buy Minxi obviously really enjoyed it and I decided it was a lot of fun.  Here's how it works.

Minxi's Guide to haggling (as interpreted by me)

1.  Walk up to the object you are interested in and inspect it carefully.
2.  Scowl as if you've discovered the object is actually made of old cheese.
3.  Walk away.
4.  Come back.
5.  Ask the stall owner how much they want for the object.
6.  Scowl and walk away again.
7.  Come back.  Shake the object.  Offer less than half the original price.
8.  When the shop keeper protests, tell them you saw another one just down the street for even less.
9.  Speak with the owner very quickly in Chinese, still shaking the object.
10. Walk away.  Tell your fiancee that you're doing well
11. Go back to the shop keeper.  Tell him you will take that one for the current price but only if you can get a second one for the same price.
12.  Pay the man and walk away intensely pleased with your purchases.

I didn't really see the point of doing this but, after watching her shake suitcases, tourist junk, hand bags, and clothes, I've got to agree that it's kinda fun. 

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