Tuesday, July 17, 2012

001 and the Guangzhou Number

Minxi is part of a chat circle on QQ, China's equivalent of Facebook.  It's called "001" which I guess means it's 6 cooler than James Bond.  The women on 001 are all engaged to foreign men and share their troubles and tribulations there.  Getting a 129-F is not easy nor guaranteed   

Getting a Visa to travel to the US or another foreign country is a long, tedious, and frustrating practice. Minxi is always telling me, "Oh So and So got their Visa."  or "So and so got denied."  I haven't made a careful study of this but here's a tip for any of your out there trying to secure a Visa for your loved one, especially if they are going through the Guangzhou embassy.

Most of the denied cases that Minxi reports are women who speak very poor English and whose spouses don't speak Mandarin.  The Guangzhou Embassy seems to be very concerned that emigrants to our country be able to communicate clearly with their spouses and employers.  My advice to you stop wasting so much time flirting on Skye and start practicing the interviewing skills.

The questions the women are being asked seem mostly to be mundane stuff about their partners; favorite hobbies, etc.  The real test seems to be, can your spouse communicate with you and other Americans once she gets here.

Good luck.

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