Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fun With Chinese Pop Music (In English)

It can be said that Chinese is a very romantic county.  By this I mean that there a strong sense of romance in relationships in China.  There's still a quaint "boy meets girl power of love overwhelms" kind of sense to dating.  I find the frankness lack of cynicism refreshing.   This spirit shows up in Chinese Pop music, where love themes abound.  The thing that's fun and funny for me, is that a lot of this music is in English.  The younger generations in Chinese all grew up around English and there is quite a culture of Chinese pop sung in English.  Maybe it makes it a little bit of kick to mom and dad, who probably can't understand a word of it.   Minxi and I listen to Chinese pop music from time to time so I thought I'd post a couple of hopelessly sweet songs sung in English.  It's so sweet.

From The Depth of My Heart

I've Been Searching

Speak of Love

There's the occasional word bobble, and the riffs occasionally sound a bit odd, but Chinese pop produces great love songs, and  in English.  That's awesome!

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