Friday, April 20, 2012

The Song of Our Love Story

I think a lot of couples have "that song" that special song that they picked up along the way and that holds some special meaning for them.  I think it's a part of a lot of people's love story.  It doesn't really come as any surprise I suppose that Minxi and I have a favorite song too.  The question is, how do a honky from Kansas and a Chinese Maiden find "that song."

Was it a song we heard through the walls of our hotel in Kowloon?   Something playing on the overhead at the Hong Kong International airport?  Maybe something we hummed to each other over chicken foot soup?   No.  It's just a song.  I played it for her while trying to introduce her to American Music.   Our song is "Make Me Lose Control" by Eric Carman.

Our Song; "Make Me Lose Control"

She picked it really.  We were talking about music one night and she said, "Oh I like that one that you played for me."

"Which one?"  I asked.

"You know that one that goes duh du duh duh."

I couldn't have been happier.  She picked, quite accidentally, my happy song.  "Make Me Lose Control" was the number one song in the US the week I graduated from high school.  It played over and over again on my tinny car radio as I made my way from friends house to friends house, to graduation, to dinner with the family, to parties, etc.ect.  and it burned itself a place in my consciousness while doing so.  For twenty some years now Eric Carmen has played in my head during times of joy and happiness.  

One of those little, 'yup she's the one' clicks happened in my head when I realized the 'duh du duh' song Minxi was talking about was "Make Me Lose Control."  After years of unhappy marriage, life without dating and decorated Chinese women on web sites, Minxi picked my happy song out of all the music we played for each other.

the beaches of Hong Kong
Beach on Lantau Island, Hong Kong

What can I say baby.  I like our love story.  I like it when you make me lose control.  Wo ai ni!

Does your love story have a good song?  Post it in the comments!

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