Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Big Buddha...High Fashion Handbags?

Minxi is a fashionista.  Her sense of style is fun and fresh and always catches me off guard.

big buddha handbags
Oh yeah.  You're working that belt!

Big buddha handbags
Nature Girl Chic!

On our last night in Hong Kong, I told her I wanted to buy her something she could take home with her to remind her of Hong Kong.  Her choice?  I giant black handbag with black sequins and silver trim.  It's amazing.  It's so big it comes with its own postal code, so flashy it appears on radar, and so fabulous that Lady Gaga wannabe's followed us around all night.  

I was pleasantly surprised this morning, when doing research for an upcoming post on the 112 foot tall Big Buddha on Lantau Island:

big Buddha Lantau Island, Hong Kong
Big Buddha, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

to learn that "Big Buddha" is also the name of a famous hand bag company.

big buddha handbag
Fabulous Big Buddha Handbag

I feel a shopping spree coming on!   

Big Buddha makes the most awesome hand bags on the planet!

Check out the Big Buddha selection at Zappo's

Or at Amazon.

Or heck, just go to the source, the Big Buddha homepage.

There's a funky style at work at Big Buddha that is hard to beat.  Check it out!

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