Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Learn Putonghua (Mandarin) with Becky

Want to learn Putonghua? Try Becky. This is Becky:

Becky from

Becky is one of the teachers from   She's a nut but in a good way.  Echinese online features short, easy to understand Chinese lessons from fresh, funny teachers.  I'm not sure how I got on their list but they've been sending me videos for a while now.

Their format is straight forward.  They introduce a topic and go over the tones and key word with you.  I really appreciate the fact that they show the pinyin and the traditional Chinese characters together on the video.

The production value is a little cheesy.  I sometimes feel like I'm watching a kid's how to video but, in traditional Chinese style, the teachers are bright and friendly and they do a great job of taking you step by step through the lesson.

Looking for easy to learn Putonghua (Mandarin) lessons?  Look no further than EChinese online!

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