Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Would We Recommend Marrying a Chinese Woman?

Now that we're been all the way from "Meet Sexy Chinese Women for Dating and Marriage," through the trip to China, the blushing bride and all the paperwork, and on to married life, would we recommend marrying a Chinese woman?

Sexy Chinese Brides
Should You Marry a Chinese Bride?

For me the answer is "No no no no no no no no maybe."  We know several American Chinese marriages that have worked and we are currently watching a couple of them fail.  The ones that work seem to be men who were already well established and had an interest in Chinese culture and women who were fairly well educated before they left home.

The ones that we have watched fail or are now failing seem to be either with men who are not mature or with couples where the woman is far younger or prettier than you could ever imagine.

Minxi seems to be more romantic about the process.  She continues to assert that there is a Mr. Right out there for everyone.  If that someone is in another county, okay.  Having said that, she is very concerned about a friend of hers who married an American man about the same time that she came here.  The husband is showing some signs that he may be violent and is not helping the wife, who is a doctor, get established n the US.  He seems almost threatened by her now that she is here.

I guess what we would say is this.  You can't marry a princess or a house maid that you get have sex with.   People are people and have the same basic needs no matter what country they come from.  Marrying a Chinese woman is very difficult.  There are tons of paperwork, classes, doctor's visits, and life style changes.  You get all the difficulties you would get moving in with your girlfriend plus thousands of years of cultural differences, then tons more paperwork.

For Minxi and I, this was clearly the right choice.   I set out to scour the world for the one woman that I would marry and I found her.  If you are looking for a sex toy, total hottie, submissive princess or anything other than a real person with bad breath, bad hair days, and a robust sense of self protection, you're just fooling yourself and maybe putting her whole future at risk.  Just be careful.

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