Monday, December 10, 2012

What Does the End of NDIA Mean for The Hong Kong Airport (HKIA)

From January to December of 2012, the Honk Kong Chek Lap Kok Airport (HKG) has been offering the New Destination Incentive Arrangerment (NDIA,) rebates on landing fees associated with new routes into and out of Hong Kong.  The rebate is 75% off of landing fees for the first six months the route is in operation and 50% of landing fees for the next six months.  Regular fees would apply after that.

HKG Airport Hong Kong
Hong Kong Airport

The purpose of the project was to help push HKG further into the global market.  With access to Asia, India, and the America's the airport authority is keenly aware of Hong Kong's role in Global travel.  With the addition of a third runway, Hong Kong stands to become the single largest, and best positioned airport in Asia.

While the Airport authority has not released public information on the success of the program as of yet, the end of the program should not result in any changes visisble to the passenger.  Good luck flying into Hong Kong and have fun.  HKIA is simply the best Airport we have ever visited.

For more information on HKIA, visit our webpage here:  Hong Kong Airport Information.

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