Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Funny Stuff: What's Interesting In Topeka

Having a Chinese lady move in with you is seriously funny.  The 'clothing challanges', the hitting of the head on the presidential display at the museum, trying to say, "I cooked chicken in the kitchen,"  it's all been pretty fun.  I found a new source of joy when she asked me to download all the photos she's taken since she arrived.  There are great photos of our wedding, the airport, etc.  There are also practical photos.  She and some other Chinese ladies online do their own version of window shopping where they mail each other photos of the price tags of things they find on sale.  Odd, but cute.  Then I also found a lot of...other photos that are maybe more about being excited to be in the US than about anything in particular.   I've chosen a few of them here with the captions that I imagine would go with the photos if she posted them online.

peeing dog
The rumors are true.  American dogs do pee.

My husband is so smart.  He plugged the refrigerator in before getting out from behind it. (Duh)

mexican food
Sometimes American food looks suspiciously like Mexican food.

Boring photo
In America you can take pictures of government offices and no one cares. (Seriously, she asked.)

marble fossil
Cool!  A fossil, right in the marble of the Capitol.  (Actually, that is kinda cool.)

light post
I can think of no caption for this photo.  It's a lamp post.  Ummm.  Very lampy?
So there you go.  A sneak peek into the fantastic funny world I find myself in now.  Marrying a Chinese chick is the coolest thing I've ever done.

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