Friday, June 1, 2012

We Found Love

We found love, in the strangest place:

We Found Love
Finding Love Online.
At first I was unsure.  I'd spent a long time trying to find the girl.  I don't think you ever doubted me though:

Is he the one?
Is he the one for  you?
Then there were the questions?   Will my daughter like you?

Loving Family
Loving Family
Will you like the cat?

dating online
Do you Like Cats?
I'll always remember Hong Kong, and Macau, and Houzou, all the great times we've had together, but baby, as our one year anniversary approaches, I remember that before all that, from an ocean away,  We found love.

we found love online
Do you remember the day I asked you to marry me?
Happy one year anniversary Minxi!  Wo ai ne!  Ne shi wo du lao poa!   I'm so glad we found love together!

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