Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More Trouble with Chinese Chickens

Have you noticed that Minxi and I write about chickens a lot?  First there was the epic Chicken Foot Soup Recipe.  Then yesterday Minxi told me the great story about a chicken standing in for her daddy when he and her mommy got married.

Well, chickens are back in the news today.  Apparently, there was a fracas in the Liu household one day when Minxi was seven.  It seems that daddy brought a live chicken home for dinner.  Minxi was very excited to have a chicken for dinner but horrified when told she was going to have to kill it.  She refused.  She says she was a child and was afraid that the chicken would hurt her.  But I can see the truth and I don't blame her, who knows whose husband she was being asked to behead?!!?!?   Can you blame her for not wanting to do in some poor girls husband just so they can have some soup.   Don't lay that on her man.

chicken foot soup or my new husband?
Hey baby, wanna date?


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