Friday, March 2, 2012

Holidays in China: Guilin

Having spent her youth as a tour guide in China, Minxi's been to many of the best holiday spots in China.  One of her favorites is the town she lives in now, Guilin Guangxi, airport code: KWL.

Turns out that Guilin is a major tourist town.  It does look pretty stunning.  Here's a pic Minxi sent:

Must be nice. Hanging out in Paradise, totally rocking wild hats.

This is the view out back from Minxi's apartment:

That's "Brocade Hill" in the middle of Brocade Park on the Lijong River.

This is the view across to the little sea food restaurant on the island in the river:

See the Restaurant?  There behind the...under the...Yup Paradise

Despite the fact that Guilin is a city of several million, it is a nature lovers paradise.  Hiking trails, caves, and river tours abound (there's a lot more river on the other side of the island.)  The sightseeing is fantastic.  Many adventure travelers make Guilin their home base while they tour the beautiful surrounding countryside. 

You're deep into China here so the hotels and food prices are generally much cheaper than in the US, which really stretches the holiday budget.  Minxi spends about $10.00 US on food a week.  That's cooking at home most days but dang!  

All this beauty comes at a price.  It rains in Guilin most of the time between March and June and can get windy and below freezing (though not much) in the winter.  If you can hit it in the summer or don't mind the rain, be sure to make Guilin part of your holiday plans!  A great tourist city.

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