Sunday, March 25, 2012

VitaMalt: Malt Drink or Salvation in a Bottle?

This is Vitamalt Malt drink the God of malt beverages:

Vita Malt Malt drink
Vita Malt Malt Drink

This is the life it saved:

kwan Yin and the Extremely Tired Guy
Kwan Yin  and the Extremely Tired Guy
Vita Malt is basically unfermented beer, it's thick, sweet, and if you are travelling and exhausted, it might just save your life.

Our new home in Chungking Mansion had a very large Indian population.  Angel Guest house was run by Indians and the shopping gallery on the main floor was full of vendors cooking Indian kabobs, samosas, and all kinds of other goodies with saffron in them.  What caught my eye after the long day of stomach trouble on the cross down bus of doom, was the malt drink.  I had Vitamalt before and something about roast barley, hops, and cane sugar laced with vitamins appealed.  The first one sat in belly, heavy and happy the way a malt drink should, the second one got together and partied with the first.  The third sent me into a happy food nap made entirely of cereal malt beverages.

There's no alcohol in Vitamalt which is good for me who after having been and having been married to an alcoholic will never touch the stuff again but you know that warm, happy belly feeling you get from a rich dark beer?  Hmmm.  Say Vitamalt.

Weirdly, while VitaMalt is considered an Indian drink, the malt drink for sale in Chungking mansion, while called Vitamalt, was brewed in Denmark and was kind of expensive  at about $10 HKG apiece but, as the days wore on and exhaustion became more and more of a topic.  I kept my self fortified as wise people have since Egyptian times, with a dark, rich malt drink.  The tireder I was, the better it tasted.

Thank you Vitamalt!


Claire Cooper said...

As you're staying in ChungKing Mansions I do hope you've visitied the Kyber Pass. Great food! maybe they sell the Vitamalt there. If not, try the Mango Lassi.

Joel Stottlemire said...

I don't remember the kyber pass. Is it in Chungking mansion? I remember a sit Indian restaurant near the East end far in the back. Mango Lassi sounds tempting.