Thursday, March 8, 2012

So Why Minxi

The story so far, the condensed version.  After years of not dating, I decided to try my luck again, saw Billy Idol song on youtube with advert that said, "Meet Chinese Women"  had a go, no luck, almost gave up then found 'chinese love links" a real dating site not "meet chinese women" scam site like before.  Got lots of messages for women working hard to meet that someone also one message from a woman who had her passport photo on her dating site web page.  Asked her why her passport photo.  She said she wanted people to be able to see what she really looked like.  *Ding*

Talked on Skype and email every day for seven months then off to Hong Kong and China to meet her family and ask daddy if I can marry her.  Now I'm back in the US, she's back in China and we are doing tons of paperwork so we can marry.  Whoof!

But why Minxi?  What's the "love test?"  How do I know she's the one

Photo from her Chinese Love Links profile.

It's a little strange I guess.  She's 7,700 miles away.  When we talk it looks like this:


Which is okay.  Our convesations sometimes read like someone's list of love quotes.  But there's something about her that's just different.  I could tell she was different the first time we talked.  She is a little excitable.  You'll notice that her feet aren't touching the ground in this picture.

Last Full Day in Hong Kong, Lantau Island

She has this funny squint that I think is cute when she's tired:

Shenzhen China, border crossing

And how you get along when you're tired is a very good love test.

She's definitely dead sexy:

On Phone with Me, Summer 2011

What's not to love about that?

Also, I get along great with her family.

Brother, Sister in Law, Baba, Small People, us
Xindu, China

She's got her share of weird quirks too.  Like not liking to have her picture taken from up close.

Not Happy.  Macau.

Then, of course, there's what got me started thinking about Chinese women; shared religious views.

Macau Temple where We Prayed to Minxi's Mom for Blessing.

But really finding that special someone is about knowing who you are and, well, I'm kind of a nerd.

Night Market in Mon Kok
(Do I always look this British?)

and she really did put her passport photo on her chinese love links site:

I don't know.  I guess some things are just meant to be:

Lantau Island Again.

Maybe the real love test isn't something you take.  Maybe it's something you feel. 
Wo ai ni Minxi! (I love you Minxi.)

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