Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 1: The Avenue of Stars, tsim, sha, tsui

After a nap that lasted way longer than planned and a dinner of "Immediate Noodles"  basically the same as raman noodles only with this yummy flavor pack, Minxi leapt to the helm.  She wanted to go see some "movie thing" down on the water front.

I'd didn't really understand what we were after but, about 20 minutes later we popped up from an underground walkway (also called a "subway") and found ourselves back on the harbor just a few hundred yards West of where I'd had my walk that morning.

Here, behind a large hotel and running quite a ways down the waterfront is Hong Kong's version of the Walk of Fame outside Grumman's Chinese Theater; The Avenue of Stars:

Jackie Chan's star Hong Kong Avenue of Stars

It was a little too touristy for me with lots of small memorabilia stands and chintzy statues of giant director's chairs and the like.  I also had the disadvantage of never having heard of a lot of the actors and singers.   We did find Jackie Chan's hand print though and I got my picture taken over Jet Li's star.  He's pretty cool.  Also the famous bronze statue  of Bruce Lee is here.  He's from Hong Kong and is about the biggest star ever here.

Hong Kong Avenue of Stars
Avenue of Stars Bruce Lee

Minxi was really excited to be there and had me take her picture over the star's of lots of people.  There was a small band playing about half way down and the restaurant at the eastern end looked pretty tasty though we didn't go in.  There's a nightly light show over the harbor and The Avenue of Stars would probably be a good place to see it from.  The walk is literally right on the water and the view of the harbor is completely unobstructed.

I wouldn't make this a stop on my next trip to Hong Kong because it really is just a bunch of squares of concrete, but, if you're already headed to the end of Kowloon for the Art Museum or Space museum (See Day 4) then you might stop by.  It's at the very southern tip of Tsim Sha Tsui.  You can't miss it.  If you find yourself paddling around in the harbor, turn around, you've gone to far.


Elizabeth said...

But what about Chow Yun Fat?

Joel Stottlemire said...

Yup. He's there. Star number 64.